A complete guide to using Audacity Part 1 | Audio & Podcasting

Teacher Training Videos presents a free set of screen cast tutorials that take you though all the basics of using Audacity. Learn to record in Audacity, editing your recordings  link it to the LAME plug-in which allows you to quickly convert your recordings into MP3 files. Audacity can produce professional podcasts of high quality which teachers can share across the internet, add to their blog etc. It is an ideal tool if you are looking for higher quality recording. Students can also use Audacity, which is a free tool. If you already know how to use Audacity and are looking for a more advanced set of videos to show you some of the additional features that Audacity has to offer then you might like to watch these videos. Key Tools for Educators- Advanced Audacity for Podcasting


For more tools for educator’s videos visit Advanced features in Audacity


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