Digital Literacy

Dropbox is a great tool for educators as a method of saving and sharing your documents in the cloud.  The basic version is free.  These videos take you through all the essential features and how to navigate the software. Great if you want to share files with your students or easily have access to your content anywhere.  Folders can be shared or links can be given to access certain content. There is a desktop app which can be used to drag and drop items and manage your content or you can acces via a browser. 



Edmodo is an ideal tool for blended learning and flipped classroom. It is a central location where teachers can organise all their learning content, create quizzes, discussions, set assigments, set up chats etc. Teachers can create as many groups as they want and each group has a code to control access. The tool is free and once a teacher learns to use it, it can be quite an effective time-saving device. Students can access Edmodo on their phones, their tablets or computers. Edmodo even keeps track of all the scores that students get for quizzes and assignments. A really useful educational technology tool and one that can make a teacher's life a lot easier.
Key teacher tech tool
Google Docs is ideal for using in teaching and learning. Teachers can create documents and then share the link with the students and the students can access the document, they can edit it and add to it etc. So great for creating collaborative documents. Students to not need to have a Google Account to work on a document that a teacher has created. So a teacher can create a document, share it with students and the students can access it at home and add to it. So ideal for collaborative work both in and out of the class. Any teacher with a Google mail account has access to Google Docs and can create shareable docs. A great and really useful educational technology that can be exploited in loads of different ways

A super quick introduction into using the excellent Google Forms. You can quickly create surveys, questionnaires and even comprehension questions. You can then share the link or embed your questions. The data is automatically created into graphs and forms when the participants answer the quesitons. A really useful tool for any teacher or student. Students for example can create a Google Form to surey other students about a topic. They can then present their work using the automatic graphs that are produced by Google Forms. This is so easy to use and has so many uses. Ideal for creating simple formative assessment too. 

How to search with Google

Google is a powerful educational technology tool, often not used as effectively as posssible. Many teachers are unaware of the range of searching techniques that can be used. This set of step by step videos will show you how to utilise Google search engine to its maximum potential, and get you to what you're looking for faster, and more accurately. This introduction will be useful to any teacher teaching with technology, and students learning with technology. 


Pinterest is a website that focuses on social bookmarking. It is a visual way of bookmarking or sharing bookmarks, like you would use a corkboard, and it can be useful for project work and collating content. It is a very useful tool for teachers but also very useful for higher level studens, especially those doing EAP, higher level or university level courses. These videos show you how to create boards, add pins, use the Pinterest button and how to follow other pins of interest.




ScoopIt is a curation tool that allows you to collect content from Facebook, Twitter, SlideShare and many other places all into one curated magazine format. It is a fabulous tool for educators which I really recommend. It is a very useful tool for any teacher involved in CPD and can generate a lot of followers. It can also be useful for higher level students too as a way of showing an interest in particular content on one topic.  

How to search for images on Google

These training videos show you some very useful techniques for searching for images in Google. Google image search is one of the essential tech tools for teachers. This series will teach you how to search for specific coloured images, specific sized images and even specific formats of images (for example you can look for clipart or animations.) You can also search for copyright free image which is essential if you plan on re-using the image, and using copyright free images is a good habbit to get your students in to. This is an ideal set of videos to help teachers and students. 


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