Digital Literacy

Here you will find a useful set of training videos that cover some of the digital literacies you might want to cover with your students. These will be useful skills to show to your students but also very useful to teachers as well.

Improve your searches with Google

This is an essential set of training videos for any teacher or student who wants to learn more about doing Google Searches.

Searching Google for Images

A useful set of videos that shows you how to search for images on Google and find different types, colours, sizes of image as well as images that have copyright free restrictions and licenses that allow you to use the images for free for non-commercial use

Dropbox-Save your files in the cloud

You often hear about cloud computing. Here is a great way of saving your files in the cloud for free. Use Dropbox

Create your own website

Teachers and students can learn to create their own websites really quicly using Google Sites. This is a free tool that comes with having a google mail account. You can learn all about it here. It is ideal for students, teachers or even institutions

A great too for creating e-Portfolios

Some teachers like to get their students to keep all their digital artefacts in one place. This is a great tool for doing that. If you want to create group work, e-Portfolios or digital repositories, then this is a great tool to use. Ideal for both students and teachers.

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