ELT/ESL Training Videos Part 2

Just click on any of the topics on the left hand side. All the videos deal with ELT/ESL and provide loads of great sites and tips on how to use them. In the centre column there are some more recommendations to look over.

More recommendations from Russell

Brilliant podcasting tool and so easy to use. Make your recordings directly on the site. Anyone can access them and can even search for them on iTunes
How to use Audioboo
2-Listen and Write
Brilliant Dictation Tool that the students will love. They can listen to news reports and try and dictate what they hear. The computer will repeat and repeat until the students get it right!
How to use this great dictation tool
3-Learning to use Twitter
Videos show you all you need to know to set up your twitter account and start to build up followers. It is easy.
How to get started in Twitter
4-Now learn Tweet Deck
Once you know how to use Twitter you will want to upgrade to this amazing free tool called Tweetdeck. It makes tweeting so much easier and so much more powerful.
How Tweet Deck Works
Advanced Tweet Deck
Blogger is free and allows you to make blogs. Great for you and your students.
How to use Blogger
More advanced features in Blogger
6-Stories using Flickr images and text
Great tools that take pictures from Flickr and allow you to create books, cartoons and stories. These tools can be used for teaching any language.
Stories and books with Flickr Images
7-Animoto. Create fun animations with text and sound
Animoto is a great way of getting your students to create animations and text. Simple to us and especially good for kids. Can be used in a variety of languages
Animoto-Fun text and animation tool

Russell’s presentations/conferences from around the world

Where you can find the handouts from Russell’s talks
This link takes you to some of the recent presentations that Russell has done. You will find the handouts that he has created for talks from all over the world. There are regular updates and they include presentations from his talks at TESOL France, IATEFL,Oxford University, the British Council in India, the British Council in Russia and many more. Handouts from my talks

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