ELT/ESL Training Videos Part 3

Just click on any of the topics on the left hand side. All the videos deal with ELT/ESL and provide loads of great sites and tips on how to use them

Russell' Quick Videos- One short video-one tool

In this section you can see some short videos that each just show you one tool. These are part of the extra material that I always send out on my newsletters first.
Word Magnets
TEFL Clips
Visu Words
Click n Learn
Great Vocabulary Site
Spelling site for kids
Brilliant Listening Site
Talking Bot
Brilliant fun dialogue building site
Excellent Vocabulary Site
Guess most common words in English-Excellent
Superb talking Dictionary
Great Reading Content
Click and Learn
Great Drawing Tool
Great Pronunciation Tool
Brilliant Video Dictionary
Vocab building tool from Google
Turn yourself into a talking potato
Brilliant Flash Card Site for all languages
Vocabulary site with voice recordings in many languages
Learning Chocolate-Excellent Vocabulary Site with sound recordings
This site shows you lists of words with similar sounds
Amazing site helps you with verb conjugations
Children's talking books. Sound, text and pictures
Really simple tool for making voice recordings
Amazing Interactive Newspaper
Amazing Writing Site:Structure,Examples,Tips,Interactive
Simple tool allows you to send Web Cam messages
Amazing collection of short stories by children.
Brilliant collection of snippets from films, TV etc with sound
Add pictures and write about them. Great site
Sentence building video site. This is fabulous for low levels
HOw to download youTube videos
Amazing Speed Reading Site
Excellent Spelling Game
Fun Game-Give instructions to the chicken
Stories with audio and text for kids
Excellent Word Building Game
Turn any website into clickable dictionary-Excellent
Make famous people speak. You add in the voice. Great fun
Useful Dictionary Tool from Cambridge

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