Edmodo Tool For Flipped Classroom | Educational Technology
Flipped Classroom

Edmodo is a cut down version of a online learning environment like Moodle or Blackboard. It is a central location where teachers can add up all the learning content for a course. It is password protected, so only students with the correct password can access a group. This is a free online teacher tool that allows you to not only to upload content but build quizzes, polls and , assignments around your content. It tracks your students work and allows you to see what they have posted and commented on. A great tool for all types of blended learning. One of the most useful educational technology tools for teachers that I have found and one that I train teachers to use all the time. You may also be interested in these videos that look at taking Edmodo to a higher level..Edmodo-key online tool for teachers-The Next Level

Don't forget to watch the videos full screen. Look on the video controls below



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