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How to search for images on Google

These training videos show you some very useful techniques for searching for images in Google. Google image search is one of the essential tech tools for teachers. This series will teach you how to search for specific coloured images, specific sized images and even specific formats of images (for example you can look for clipart or animations.) You can also search for copyright free image which is essential if you plan on re-using the image, and using copyright free images is a good habbit to get your students in to. This is an ideal set of videos to help teachers and students.  There is also a great teaching idea that you can try out too. At the end of the explanation is a lesson tip.

How to use Google Forms

Step by step videos on how to use of an excellent online tool for teachers, Google Forms. Google Forms allows you to create surveys, questionnaires and even basic quizzes. It collects all the answers and responses, and gives you the data and statistics, which can also be viewed as graphs. Google Forms is one of the most useful educatonal teaching technologies that a teacher can use and it is FREE when you sign up to Google. If you need to gather data from your students, get feedback, create mini tests and quizzes or collect any type of information from any group of students/particpants then this is an ideal teacher tech tools. I often get my students to use it too, to create their own Google Forms. I have also produced an advanced set of videos called Teaching Technology Tools-Advanced Features in Google Forms


Google Slides are great for building collaboration. You can get students to work in groups and build up a slide together. This is a really quick video but it will show you a nice technique that I quite often use when working with students or when doing teacher training.
creating quizzes with google forms
How to search with Google

Google is a powerful educational technology tool, often not used as effectively as posssible. Many teachers are unaware of the range of searching techniques that can be used. This set of step by step videos will show you how to utilise Google search engine to its maximum potential, and get you to what you're looking for faster, and more accurately. This introduction will be useful to any teacher teaching with technology, and students learning with technology. 


This set of step by step videos takes you through all the basics of using Google sites. Google sites is an online piece of software for creating websites. It's free, simple, and easy to use, making it a great educational technology tool that can be utilised by both teachers and students alike.  Google sites is one of the easiest to use websites builders out there, but despite this offers a lot more control and customisation than many of its competitors, without being over complicated. Multiple students can contribute to the same website simultaneously from their own devices, making an ideal tool for educators when it comes to setting group work. 

How to use Google Docs

This set of video will show you how to use Google Docs in your Google Drive. This is a great tool for those interested in teaching and learning with technology. Starting with the basics, this video tutorial later moves onto some of the trickier aspects of this software,  demonstrating how Google Docs and Google Drive work together. Google Docs is an ideal online tool for teachers and students because of its ease in facilatating group work. Documents and files can be easily shared, and created collaboratively, by multiple students across any distance with these powerful educational technology tools. 

creating quizzes with google forms

You can now make quizzes in Google Forms that are self correcting. The quizzes are a fairly limited but as a trade off they are easy to create, and they can include videos and pictures. This is a useful online tool for teachers for creating formative assessments. It can track the students answers and create a database of all the answers. These videos are a full introduction to Google forms, along with some very useful tips and tricks. This is a great tool for both teacher and student alike, making it incredibly useful for teaching and learning with technology. Try getting your students to make formative quizzes too!
creating quizzes with google forms

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