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A complete introduction to using SMART Boards. All the basics of using SMART Boards in these step by step help videos. SMART boards allow you to project your computer display onto the large screen, which can then be interacted with like a traditional white board, drawing on them with digital pens. They are a useful addition to any classroom, and great for teachers who like using technology in education. They allow for a large range of technology to be integrated into learning, as any number of things can be displayed right at the front of the classroom. It can also be paired with an array of software and hardware. 

Smart Board learning with technology
These videos show you how to use some of the SMART Board pre-defined activities which are great for language learning and easy to use. Keyword matching, sentence arranging and many of the great tools we can use for language teaching. Keyword matching for example, allows you to set a list of words, and a list of descriptions, which students could then try out to test their language knowledge, allowing them to learn with technology. Ideal for any language teacher hoping to learn about SMART boards, for teaching and learning with technology.

Smart board online teaching tools for teachers
SMART boards are a great tool for educators, but to get the most out of them, you'll need to know as much about them as possible. These videos will be showing you some helpful hints to keep in mind while using a SMART board. A collection of things that can help you speed up the process, and avoid some little problems, allowing you to work more efficiently. If you use a SMART Board or want some useful ideas on saving time and working more quickly, then this set of training videos with be ideal. 

Smart board online tools for teachers
A second set of on-line training videos looking at the activities and games that can be done using a Smart Board for enhancing language learning. Activities such as Word Generator and Picture Dice are very useful tools which are outlined in these videos. If you're a teacher with an interactive whiteboard, this video will really help you when teaching with technology to help you make the most of your board. If you're a teacher without a smart board perhaps this may encourage you to get one. 

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