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Two very useful vocabulary sites with the audio, pictures and words. There are also some related tests and quizzes. There is an enormous amount of learning content here and it is not only in English. Other languages are covered too. Ideal sites to show your students. These are mini talking dictionanries that can be very useful reference sites for learning vocabulary. Useful tools for learnign with technology and they are both free and easy to use.

The set of videos takes you through the Corpus of Comtemporary American English and shows you ways that it could be intergrated into your teaching and learning The corpus can be used to understand the use of words in certain contexts and sentences. It is useful to highlight words or to be used as a tool to discover how vocabulary is used. This teacher tech tool is perhaps more useful for higher level students. You mgiht like to introduce it into the lessons or show it as an educational technology that students can use on their own. My thanks to Phil Longwell for producing this set of vidoes. You can contact Phil on Twitter

Learning with technology- ELT pics
ELT Pics is a great resource for teachers created by teachers and is essentially a huge collection of pictures that you can share and use (with a few house rules). If you are looking to use images in your teaching and learning then this is a great site to look for images. You can search for images and then download them for use in your presentations, for vocabulary learning etc.My thanks go to Phil Longwell for creating these videos. You can follow Phil on Twitter


Learning with technology: Google Images
Popular set of videos that shows you how to search for images on the internet using some great tricks. Learn to search for certain size images, certain colour images and even certain types of images, like clipart and drawings. The videos also show you how to acces images that you can use freely. These are images that have creative commons licenses allowing them to be used for business or private purposes. If you are using technology in education and need to make use of pictures, then this will also be a useful and quick guide.  This is a really useful set of videos for any teacher or student and they are very short.

learning languages with technology: quizlet
Quizlet is one of the most popular vocabulary learning websites on the internet. There is an app that means that students can learn vocbulary on the go using their SMART phone or tablet.Quizlet allows you to use the many thousands of vocabulary learnnig flash cards available to work with or you can create your own. These videos quickly show you how to use this very useful tool. There is content in literally hundreds of languages, so if you are learning English, French, Spanish, Chinese or one of many other languages, you will find content here. An ideal site for learning languages with technology and one that takes very little time to use.


This is a great educational technology tool that allows students to create interactive maps where they can plot the places they have visited and then write about them and add pictures. So ideal for writing but also for getting your students to give presentations based on their presentations. This is a really easy tool to work with. Students can write about a recent school trip, a holiday, a fantasy trip or even track the route of a famous explorer or a rock concert tour. There are loads of ways this tool can be used. Students simply write in the places they have visited and Tripline automatically creates an interactive map. The students can then write about the different places and also add links and pictures. After students can present their maps to the rest of the class. A good fun tool but also a serious and nicely personalised set of writing and presenting opportunities.

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