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Google Sites-Make a website with a few clicks
Google sites is a superb tool if you want to create a website for free for your school, organisation, class or even if you need one as an individual or teaching. This tool has so much potential and this set of videos will get you up and running.
Google sites-Make your own website
Google forms-Make a website with a few clicks
Within Google Docs you have Google Forms. Great for creating surveys and questionnaires. The data is automatically organised into table and graphs. Great for gathering feedback or data from students.
A simple way of setting up Surveys and Questionnaires
Video Notes
This looks like a superb tool. Allows you to add notes to any YouTube Video and then save them. You can then open your notes, click on any part of the video and it will play that part of the video. I think I am going to love this tool. I have been looking for something like this for ages
Take notes from your youTube videos-Superb Tool for studying
A superb resource of images that can be used in education and created by the work of teachers around the world.
Resource of images from ELTpics
Pinterest is really a visual way of bookmarking your favourite websites, pictures, videos etc. You create boards and add as many pins to each board as you want. It is very visual.You can also follow other people's boards and search for interesting content on the site. It is a great site for project work.
Visual booking marking system
Really impressive tool that has lots of potential for e-Portfolios and collaborative work. You create an on-line binder and add all the content you want through uploading from your computer or from content on the internet. It could even be used for your own profile or as an alternative to creating a website. Very impressive.
Livebinders for E-portfolios and more
Add pictures, text, routes and much more onto an interactive map and then share it. Simple tool that is great for storytelling, sharing recent visits, learning about locations etc. It is really easy to create a map and share a map.
Scribblemaps-get your students speaking
Upload a picture, add your voice and share. It coudn't be easier. This tool is great for getting students speaking and talking about pictures. I provide some quick tips on finding copyright free pictures and also show you how to embed the recordings.
Fotobabble-get your students speaking
Working with the Corpus of Contemporary American English
Great trainin from Phil Longwell on using the COCA corpus. This is really informative and I think Phil Longwell has done a really impressive job and provides lots of information about what a corpus is and how it could be used.
Using the COCA corpus
CLIC readers from Express Publishing
Get started with youTube
If you want to learn how to use youTube, to load videos, to create playlists and follow other channels, then this is the set of videos for you. This coveres all the basics that any teacher or student needs.
All the basisc of YouTube
A simple way of doing Audio Recordings
A really simple way of doing Audio recordings which allows you to add them as links or save as MP3 files. This is one of the simplest tools I have come across. You can't embed the recordings but you can share the link very easily.
MP3 online recorder
This is a great way of file sharing and allowing you to distribute files to multiple users quickly. It is a great and free way of keeping your important content on the cloud so you can access it from anywhere.
Dropbox File Sharing Tool
Message Hop
Message Hop allows you load up pictures, then write about them and then save them in an animation. Students can then share their animations with their teacher, their parents or friends. Great way of getting studnts to write about things they are interested in as they can load up their own content. The tool is free too
Message Hop-Animation tool for text and pictures
Keek-Great for Video blogs/diaries using Video
A simple tool that let's you video record web cam messages and then blog them, send them, link to them etc. Great if you want your students to create simple speaking activities and very easy to use.
Keek-Make short webcam videos
This is a speed reading tool. It is really interactive and very effective. You can paste in your own text and then set the speed you want to read at, the number of words you want to focus on, the number of lines you can view at any time. It is very effective
Eyercise-Great Speed Reading Tool

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