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Russell talks teacher tools

Without a doubt Screen Capture is one of the most useful teacher tools at the disposal of educators. In this set of videos Russell shows why screen capture technology is so useful and demonstrates some of its uses. Russell demonstrates 10 different ways this techology can be used in education. Screen capture is a relatively cheap technology that teachers can quickly learn to use and quicly apply in their teaching and learning. It is by far the most popular technology on this site and after you have watched these videos you will understand why

Use of technology- Amazing Screen Casting

Teacher ToolsBlogging is a very useful technolology that we can use in our teaching and learning.In this lecture Russell Stannard expalins why Blogging is such a useful teacher tool being used by both the teachers and the students. Blogging is a key tool for educators as it can be used to assess students, encourage writing, reflection, group work and much more. Blogging is a versatile tool that can used in lots of different ways. We can even use tools like Blogger to create websites, teacher or student profiles. Since you can embed technologies into Blogger it helps students to develop their digital literacies and to think about design and navigation


Teacher Tools- Why Blogging is so important

Russell talks teacher tools

Blooms Taxonomy can be used to help us understand how we use technology in education. It helps us to understand the tasks and activities we set and how to exploit technology to achieve both lower and higher order thinking skills. Blooms Taxonomy is a useful way of thinking about approaches to teaching like the Flipped Classroom. It emphasises the point that learning is not about simple understanding of key concepts but requires processing and linking to other knowledge. Effectively using technology in education means making choices about the tasks and activities we decide to do with our students and how these help to support learning. This lecture deals with some of the these issues.

Use of technology in education

Russell talks teacher tools

A lot of learning is blended these days but is it done effectively? In this short lecture Russell will look at blended learning and why courses often become too large and overwhelming. He focuses on a few key teacher tools that we can use to both build and organise our blended learning courses. Russell tries to break down the concepts and simplify our understanding of blended learning. Rusell talks about some of the blended learning models. At the heart of any blended learning course is a central location/repository to store all the learning content and Russell suggests that Edmodo is an excellent free choice for teachers, He also points out why SnagIt is such a useful technology for building content for your blended learning courses. This is a very popular lecture with well over 10,000 views on this site.

Use of technology in education- Blended Learning

Russell talks teacher tools

This is a quick video that takes you through the theory behind the Flipped Classroom and talks a bit about the educational technologies you need to learn to produce a Flipped Classroom course. This lecture is based on lots of experience as I used the approach in much of my teaching in the past and have been teaching, researching and looking at the Flipped Classroom for many years. I tried to be really concise and clear in this lecture and it highlights two key tools that you can use in a Flipped Classroom context.

Use of technology in education-Flipped Classroom

Russell talks teacher toolsA 30 minute lecture that demonstrates how we can use technology to develop students fluency. Includes real examples and a focus on two very useful technologies

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