Tools to encourage sharing and collaboration

All the videos on the page show tools that encourage our students to work together and share and collaborate.

Social Media-Personal Learning Networks

Twitter-Build up your PLN with Twitter
Many people don't realise what a great tool Twitter is for building up your PLN and sharing and collaborating with other teachers. Students will find it really useful tool. It is a tool I teach to all my students. This set of videos takes you right through the tool.
All the basics of Twitter.
The Language Point

Cork Board and Electronic Board type tools

LinoIT-Electronic Cork Board-Great for Collaboration
This is a great tool if you want to get your students collaborating and sharing ideas for projects, discussionsa and brainstorming. You can also use the same tool for e-Portfolios. It is an electronic cork board which allows the sharing of videos, files, picture, text and websites.
LinoIT- Great Collaboration Tool
Very simple brainstorming/ideas board that is intuitive and easy to use as a collaborative tool.
Spiderscribe Collaboration
Wall Wisher/Padlet-Ideas board
This tool produces a large "board" where you can write up your ideas. It allows you to brainstorm and get ideas together. Students can add "Post Its" onto the site at the click of a button. Great for the class or homework. You can also embed videos,links, pictures and text. So simple.
Wall Wisher
CLIC readers from Express Publishing

Brainstorming and Disussions

Today's Meet-Tool for group work and Sharing Ideas
Back Channel tool is so simple to use and offers great opportunities for collaboration You simple click a button to create a room. Then all the students can enter that room and everyone can write and collaborate together. It takes seconds .
Today's Meet-Back channel tool
This tool really looks like it has great potential. It is used for collaborative work and for sharing ideas. You simply write up a question , click to create a page and then share that page with your students who can add their ideas. It is really easy but what I like best is the format. Give it a try.
Tricider Collaborative Brainstorming/Ideas tool
Simple board that allows you to collaborate and share ideas. Great for creating lists and brainstorming ideas.
Writeboard-Collaboration Tool
Collaborise Classroom
Set up multiple choice questions, voting, a forum or a yes/no vote question. Allow students to come onto the site and write in their answers, vote on other people's comments, add to a discussion. Then the teacher can click a button and summarize the answers and see the results. Fabulous site. .
Collaborize Classroom
Prime Time from Express Publishing

Audio Discussions

Voxopop-discussion board that works with audio
Voxopop is like an oral discussion board. You can set up topics and questions and then ask the students to record their answers. Great for speaking activities and great for getting your students to work in groups, to collaborate, to brainstorm and share thoughts and ideas. A great tool also for working on the oral skills of your students.
Voxopop oral discussion board

Mindmapping Tools

This is a good mindmapping tool that has been around for quite a while. You can work on it alone or you can collaborate and work with other people on your mindmaps. Very easy to use and free.
Bubbl-US Free Mindmapping Tool

Quizz tools and learning objects

Mentormob-Create playlists of content that your students can work through
An interesting site that allows teachers or students to create playlists of learning content with quizzes. Students can work through the videos, reading, websites and articles and include quizzes and questions to check learning. The playlists can be embedded into blogs, wikis and virtual learning environments
Mentormob- Create learning playlists with quizzes.

Collaborative Storytelling

Storybird-Storybook site
I presented Storybird for the first time at IATEFL Brighton and it proved very popular. The site offers hundreds of free images from artists which are based around stories that the students can write about. They choose the images and write their stories and the results are very professional since all the art is from superb artists all over the world. You have to see this site to believe it
Storybird is a superb storymaking site with free artwork
Russell is a NILE associate trainer

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