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Russell Stannard has been running Teacher Training Videos since 2007. He has been able to build up a small business that has won a number of awards and allowed him to work totally freelance. In this video Russell explains the basics of how his business runs and he shows you why content is KING. To attract users to a website, you need to have good quality example material that will show potential customers exactly what you can do, what you can offer and how you can help them. Content is KING




This is a great video if you want to set up your own online business. In this video, Russell explains his model, explains how he markets, explains how he generates an income, talks about the costs and focuses on what you need to learn. A great video if you are thinking about setting up an online business.

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In this video, Russell looks at how he uses E-Portfolios to assess students.  Russell began using E-Portfolios while at Westminster University and in this video he takes you through an example of an E-Portfolio and shows you how to actually create one. He also explains the benefits of doing E-Portfolios.

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YouTube can be so useful to your  online business. In this video I show you how you can use YouTube to add videos up into your YouTube channel from your computer. I also show you how you can then embed those videos into your website, Moodle, Edmodo, WordPress or other repository. This is key to developing your business as video is probably the most important way to communicate with your clients



What is the quickest way and the cheapest way to create a website. In this video, Russell quickly introduces you to Google Sites and in just 5 minutes shows you how you can use the tool to make a website. This is a superfast video that quickly takes you through the basics of using this excellent teacher tool. Learn to add pages, create a menu, add video, add picture and add text and all in 5 minutes!



This quick video tutorial will take you through all the benefits of email marketing. It quickly outlines what email marketing allows you to do and explains some of the explicit tools that you have available if you employ an emarketing strategy. Quick and straight to the point,



This is a really useful video if you are thinking of advertising on Facebook. It quickly explains some of the things you can really do on Facebook and why it can be so powerful. Russell highlights some of the most interesting features like creating a look alike audience to advertise to, targetting specific groups of people using video to advertise and targetting certain locations. This really will give you a clear indication of how effective marketing on Facebook can be.



This video focuses on how you can make money from Webinars and what you need to do. I have been running webinars for about 8 years now. You don't make masses of money from it but it can be a very good starting point as many times I have got additional business from doing a webinar. It is not that costly to do and if you already have an audience to target, then you can do really well.



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