Prezi & PowerPoint

Learn Power Point

This video takes you through all the basics of using PowerPoint 2013. PowerPoint is one of the most popular educational techologies, that is commonly used by many teachers. You will learn to use layouts, slides, themes, video, pictures, links and much more. A complete guide to PowerPoint 2013. A useful set of tutorials if you are planning to use this very useful presentation technology. It takes you through all the basics but also shows you some of the more interesting advanced features too. Another very popular presentation tool that you might be interesed in is Prezi. Click on this link if you are interested in learning Prezi. Prezi A teacher tool for presentations.


PowerPoint 2010 tutorials

These videos take you through Powerpoint 2010 looking at the all the important features to get you started. PowerPoint is a key educational technology used by many teachers and educatinoal institutions. If you want to learn more about using PowerPoint2010, then this is an ideal set of training videos. It will take you to an advanced level and includes help on changing the design and the look and feel of your PowerPoint presentation. This will give you a solid introduction to using PowerPoint and working with some of the more advanced features. There is also a PowerPoint 2013 version of this set of tutorils. If you have PowerPoint 2013 then watch these videos. Key educational technology: Full Introduction to PowerPoint 2013


A complete introduction to using Prezi for teaching and learning. These introductory videos will take you through all the details of using Prezi and get your up and running with using Prezi for your presentations and teaching. This is a popular teacher technology tool that teachers ,like as it creates more active presentations that can include animations and focus. Prezi is quite a tricky educational technology to start working with and this set of teacher training tutorials takes you through all the basics and shows you a few tricks. If you are looking for a more advanced set of videos about Prezi, then you can also try the advanced videos. Tech Tools for Teachers: Advanced Training in Prezi


These training videos take you through the advanced features in using Prezi. Prezi is quite a tricky tool to use and some teachers stuggle with certain aspects of the tool. Prezi is a useful teacher tech tool that some teachers really like as it makes presentations more focused and engaging. If you know the basics of Prezi and are looking for something a bit more engaging, then you might find these videos very useful. If you are looking for something more basic, you can start with the introductory videos. Key educational tools: A complete introduction to Prezi


This set of teacher training  tutorials goes through some of the more advanced features in using one of the most useful tools for educators: PowerPoint 2010. If  you are looking to learn more about making use of images and video as well as learning more about the design features you can use, then this might be an ideal set of training videos. PowerPoint is one of the most popular teacher technologies but many teachers only really make use of the basic features. These videos provide much more detail and focus more on the design and look and feel of your presentation. |If ou are looking to learn the basics of PowerPoint 2010, then you might want to start with this set of videos. Teaching and Learning with technology: A full introduction to PowerPoint 2010



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