10 great ways of using screen capture. This shows you 10 different ideas of how you can use screen capture recording software in education. If you are looking for creative ways to use screen recording software then this set of videos will give you some great ideas on how you can use the sofware. From feedback, to assessment, to mini lectures, this set of videos suggests a great range of ways that you can use one of the best and most effective teacher tools on the market.

SnagIt screen capture sofware
This set of videos takes you through one of my favourite screen capture softwares. I use it to produce a lot of the shorter videos that you find on teacher training and I use it on masses of the blended learning content I produce. It is a superb teacher technology that can be used in a whole range of different ways in education. It is the tool that I teach when I focus on Flipped Classroom courses etc.  The videos show you how simple it is to use screen capture and suggests lots of different ways that it can be used in teaching and learning. An ideal technology for teachers.If you like this video then I suggest you also watch the following video after. Key Educational Technology Tools: How Edmodo and YouTube work together

SnagIt screen capture software
This set of videos shows you how SnagIt and YouTube can combine together. SnagIt is a great screen capture software for teachers and it allows you to quickly upload your screen recordings into YouTube so that you can share them with students. SnagIt is one of the most useful teacher tools in education as it allows you to record the screen of your own computer and talk ove and comment on anything you record too.

SnagIt is one of my favourite educational technologies. It does superb screen capture which allows you to record the screen of your computer as if a camera was poining at it. It is widely used in the flipped classroom and in blended learning. You can also use SnagIt for image capture. If you want to take an image, augment it with say some arrows or text on the image, then you can do that with SnagIT. It is very quick, easy to do and can be instantly saved. The SnagIT image capture is one of the most useful teacher tech tools around and I proabably use it everyday. I have also produced another video where I show you what SnagIt screen capture is like too. It is all part of the same tool. Excellent Teacher Tech Tool: SnagIt for Screen Capture and Screening Casting 

These training videos how you how to use Techsmith JING which is a free screen capture technology from Techsmith. It is an ideal tool to use to start to learn about using screen recording technology and of course it is also a tool that your students can download and use too. You can download JING for free from the Techsmith website. The videos will take you through all the basics of using JING.

This is a free screen casting tool that works from the internet. You can make screencasts of up to 15 minutes long and you can add your webcam to the screencast too. It also allows you to upload to YouTube, save onto your computer or save the screencasts onto their server and all for free. It is a great tool if you want to start working with screen capture technology and want to know more about how it works but not spend anymore. 

Screencast is a website where you can store you JING, Camtasia or SnagIT videos. When you sign up to get a free JING screen caputre account, you  get given some space on to save your videos ( rather like YouTube), so it is very useful to know how your website works. For example you can create passcodes for your videos and you can also add embed codes etc. You can also expand your website and have more space.

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