Screen Casting

Camtasia Studio is a program which allows you to create video tutorials and presentations. These videos go through all the different parts of creating a presentation as well as how to publish it on the web.

These videos have a more in depth look at Camtasia Studio. Camtasia Studio is a program which allows you to create video tutorials and presentations before publishing them on the web.

These videos cover all the updates and new features of JING. This tool is relevant to all teachers and the videos show where to find Jing as well as the basics of using the program.

This includes lots of practical ideas and covers the key ways that JING can be used in teaching including giving feedback and talking about a picture. Lots of great ideas here for all teachers and includes ideas that were sent to from other teachers as well.

Screencast is a website where videos that you have created on Jing are saved. Outlined are many of the different options that Screencast offers such as the embedding, enabling comments and password protecting your videos.

This is a free screen casting tool that works from the internet. You can make screencasts of up to 15 minutes long and you can add your webcam to the screencast too. It also allows you to upload to YouTube, save onto your computer or save the screencasts onto their server and all for free.

ScreenR is a program that can be used as an alternative to using JING or Camtasia. It has the advantage of being able to create up to 15 minute videos and these videos show how the program and its features work.

SnagIt is both a screen capture tool and image capture. It allows you to grab images from anywhere and at the click of the button place them in a Word document and PDF file.

Following on from the previous video looking at the image capture tool on SnagIt, this video looks at the screen capture tool and its uses.

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