Screen Casting

This is the second set of videos focusing on the superb tool SnagIT. This set shows you how to create a video using SnagIT and then distribute it on YouTube, Google Drive or via Screen Cast

Camtasia Studio is a program which allows you to create video tutorials and presentations. These videos go through all the different parts of creating a presentation as well as how to publish it on the web.

These videos have a more in depth look at Camtasia Studio. Camtasia Studio is a program which allows you to create video tutorials and presentations before publishing them on the web.

This set of training videos from teacher training videos takes you through some key editing features in Camtasia 8. It covers callouts, tranistions, library content and the basic working of the timeline.
This set of teacher training videos shows you how to combine Techsmith SNAGIT and YouTube to flip your classes. It will give you lots of ideas for flipping your learning and sharing your content.
This set of videos takes you through Camtasia 8. It is a complete introduction to the tool

These videos give you a basic introduction into using the image and screen capture tool SnagIT. The videos go through different examples using SnagIT as wellas creating your first recording

These videos cover all the updates and new features of JING. This tool is relevant to all teachers and the videos show where to find Jing as well as the basics of using the program.

This includes lots of practical ideas and covers the key ways that JING can be used in teaching including giving feedback and talking about a picture. Lots of great ideas here for all teachers and includes ideas that were sent to from other teachers as well.


SNAGIT is one of my favourite technologies. It is not free. It costs $30 and it is one payment. Watch these videos and see how interesting the tool is. You can find similar tools to SNAGIT below but these are not free

Training videos for using SnagIT

dvanced Features in using SnagIT

Training Videos on using SNAGIT and YouTube for the Flipped Classroom


2-FREE Screencasting Tools

There are a number of free tools. JING is a free tool that I have used a lot in the past and is a great tool to recommend to students.

Introduction to JING

Ideas for using JING

Two other tools that work on the internet and are also free



4- How to use

When you work with JING, SnagIt or Camtasia,  you get access to a free video server where you can save all your screen casts. I have created a series of videos that shows you how to use the tool. It is called and will compliment your knowlege of screen capture.

How to use


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