Screen Casting

This teacher training video shows you 10  ways ot use screencasts in education. Lots of ideas around the Flipped Classroom, Blended Learning and saving time

These videos give you a basic introduction into using the image and screen capture tool SnagIT. The videos go through different examples using SnagIT as wellas creating your first recording

This set of teacher training videos shows you how to combine Techsmith SNAGIT and YouTube to flip your classes. It will give you lots of ideas for flipping your learning and sharing your content.

These videos cover all the updates and new features of JING. This tool is relevant to all teachers and the videos show where to find Jing as well as the basics of using the program.

Screencast is a website where videos that you have created on Jing/Camtasia/SnagIt are saved. Outlined are many of the different options that Screencast offers such as the embedding, enabling comments and password protecting your videos.

This is a free screen casting tool that works from the internet. You can make screencasts of up to 15 minutes long and you can add your webcam to the screencast too. It also allows you to upload to YouTube, save onto your computer or save the screencasts onto their server and all for free.

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