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Russell Stannard is one of the recommended trainers of Techsmith Camtasia. Russell is the founder of and the organisation is able to offer a very generous discount on Camtasia. The price is $169.

You can download a trial version of  Camtasia from below. It will last for 4 weeks. Techsmith Camtasia do require your email but they are not intrusive, you only receive a few emails from them about training. 


Part One

Download a trial version of Camtasia 

You have decided to buy Camtasia.

If you decide you want to buy Camtasia and you are either a student or working for an educational institution then you can click on the link below and buy it for $169. It is a very competitive price. You simply vertify you are in education, pay for the activation code and then within 2 hours you will be sent the activation code. Open up Camtasia, paste in the activation code and you have a fully working educational version of Camtasia that you can use for ever. It is a one off payment. If you have any problems please email Russell Stannard. You can also call him at the teacher training videos office on +44 1293 401516 

Part Two

Buy an activation code from teache training




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