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In this video tutorial, Russell shows you how to use Camtasia so that you can include a webcam in your presentations. So you can talk over a PowerPoint slide but also add your webcam into any part of the screen. See how to set up the webcam, check it and then edit and resize the webcam after.


What is the most common misake users make when they work with Camtasia? In this video Russell explains the problem of the recording size and canvas size. This creates on of the biggest problems because users produce videos that do not correctly fit on the canvas and result in black areas around the video. In this video, Russell demonstrates the problem and provides 3 possible solutions.


If you are looking to take your Camtasia skills to another level, then this video might really help. Russell shows you 5 advanced features including adding an intro with sound, adding transitions, setting out the screen size, adding a cursor and much more


In this video tutorial, Russell shows you how to use Camtasia to create a professional opening to your video. This is a really simple idea but it includes using both the sounds from the library and an animated into. It looks really professional but is very simple.


A quick and clear mini course from recommended Techsmith Camtasia trainer Russell Stannard. If you want to learn what Camtasia can do or are thinking of purchasing Camtasia then this is an ideal set of videos for you as it will give you a really good overall picture of Camtasia and its capabilities. It covers the 3 main areas of recording, editing and distributing the videos. It also provides you with useful links if you want to continue your studies and learn more about Camtasia 2018.


You can watch these videos full screen by going to the video controls below

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