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  • Aysun-Using Kahoot

    Aysun, a teacher in Turkey, uses Kahoot in a range of ways with her students. In this interview she talks about how she uses a Kahoot. She talks about some of the new options and how she uses for a test/teach/test approach. She also explains that she...

  • Kahoot-A quick introduction

    Kahoot is a quiz/gaming type tool that allows you to quickly set up quizzes and then run them in the class. Students don't need to sign in, they just access add in the quiz number and then they can do the quiz. This quick video shows you how...

  • Kahoot-Introduction to Survey Mode

    The Survey Mode in Kahoot is quite different from the Quiz Mode. It collects data from your participants rather than collect answers and check them. It can be great way of getting to know your participants, gathering opinions from them or for getting...

  • Kahoot-Introduction to Jumble Mode

    This is a quick video that shows you the new Jumble Mode in Kahoot. If you have wondered how the Jumble Mode works then this is a really quick video that shows you what happens when you use Jumble Mode and the types of questions you might like to ask

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