Audio & Podcasting - Teacher Training Videos

Free step by step[ videos that show you how to podcast with Audioboom. Audioboom allows you to create free podcasts for up to 10 minutes. You can share the link, embed and even create a QR code. What's more, you can make a recording and download as an MP3 file. This is a superb tool that makes high quality podcasts. It is an ideal technology tool for educators  to use if you want to create podcasts for your students to access or if you want to show students how to podcast. Audioboom also links very well with other technologies. Students can easily add podcasts to blogs or for example in combination with Moodle or Edmodo. Teacher Training Videos offers a second set of videos that shows how Audio Boom can combine with Edmodo. Online Educational Tech Tools-Add Podcasts to your Edmodo Site

A complete introduction to using Audacity

Audacity is a free audio tool that can offer you the chance to create quite sophisticated podcasts. If you are a teacher or student wanting to produce professional sounding podcasts then this is an ideal educational technology. These step by step videos show you how to download the software and link it to the LAME plug-in which you need to create mp3 files as well as how to import sound. It also takes you through the basics of the editing process too. Audacity can be used to produce recordings to quite a professional level. Teacher Training Videos also offers a second set of videos that shows you some of the advanced features that are available in Audacity. So you may also want to look at these videos. Teaching and Learning with Technology-Advanced Features in Audacity

Advanced features in using Audacity

The second set of help videos on Audacity show you how to combine channels to add music or background sounds to your podcast and then load them up and share them on a free podcasting site. Ideal for teachers and students thinking of creating a podcast channel.

 A complete introduction to using Sound Cloud

This is a complete step by step introduction into using SoundCloud. SoundCloud allows you to record along a timeline but others can come on and then add comments along the sound wave. Great for feedback or for collaborative work. Teachers are able to listen to their students recordings and add comments at appropriate points.


A complete guide to using Vocaroo in education. This is one of the easiest podcasting tools you can use and is great for simple recording that both the teacher or the students can do. If you are looking for a quick and basic podcasting tool then this is a good starting point.


Voice Thread-Great teacher tool for students and teachers

VoiceThread is a tool that allows you to load up pictures and videos and then record yourself talking about them. What's more multiple students can add their opionons to one picture or video. So this is a great teacher technology that can encourage discussions and collaborative work. It can be great for setting up group work but can also be used for individuals. Students are not just limited to adding up audio, they can also write and add links. This makes this a great educational technology with lots of uses that has become very popular amongst teachers.

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