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Quizlet 2017 is a quick introduction into all the basics of using 2017. This is a useful technology tool for practicing vocabulary and revising words. There are thousands of pre-made flash cards, so you don't need to create anything. You just search for flash cards and then you can use those flash cards to play a variety of games and activities. Quizlet is free and to use the flash cards you don't even have to sign up. You can start to use them immediately. There are flash cards in many different languages. Most flash cards include the picture, the audio and in some cases a translation. There are 6 different activity types to choose from. 

Tech Tools for language learners-news
5 useful websites that provide news in English material for English Language Learners. Becase these news sites are from a variety of countries, using them all will expose your students to wide variety of different English speaking accents. One of the most helpful features of these sites is that they can read the content out loud, slowly and clearly, making this a great online tool for language teachers. This is a really useful set of training videos both for teachers and students. A quick review of where to find the sites and how to use them.

Great games-Teacher Tech Tools
Two websites, Breaking News and Listen a Minute, for learning English, with engaging games that students really love playing at home or in class. Therefore it's their great tools for educators who want students to carry on the learning once they leave the class room. Both websites are free. Breaking News is more ideal for slightly more advanced students, and Listen a Minute is better for students a lower skill level. They both feature comprehensive lesson plans, with some fun learning games. If the students have access to computers in class this is a great way to use technology in education, as the students can have some friendly competition with the games, and could also work in groups to work on the tasks. Watch these videos and quickly learn about the websites and what they offer. 

Breaking news learning with technology
Breaking News English is one of the largest sites for learning English. The website takes contemporary news items, simplifies them and then builds a whole range of activities around the news item. There is learning material both for students and for teachers. For teachers there is an enormous amount of content that can be used in the class along with the MP3 audio file. So teachers can use the tool to offer listen material to their students and then use the many pre-prepared activities that are availble to use with students. For students there is a whole range of games and activities that mean students can work independently at home. This set of videos takes you through all key features in Breaking News English. Breaking News English offers content at a range of levels. If you are looking for lower level listen content, then you might be interested in this site. Great online tools for languge learners- Listenaminute Listening Content in English

Flashcard using technology in education

This is a fantastic resource and online teacher tool with ready-made flashcards for use in the classroom.  Great for ESL/ESOL and mixed nationality classes or for teaching any lanaguage.  These clear Flashcards can break through the language barrier. The cards are arranged in sets and can be printed off in a variety of sizes. There are word cards as well as pictures and can be searched by tags. A great online teacher resource.

Famous people tools for education

This a hand-picked selection of nine online sites which offer material for learning English based on famous people. These resources have been chosen from a wider list of similar sites because of a number of reasons. They are easy to access, are for lower levels, well organised. They have limited advertising. Many of them contain great video content, quizzes and extra activities as well as audio. Featured sites include Voice of America, Turtle Diary, Hello Magazine and Video Bios. There are extensive lesson plans for famous people involving recreating of texts on a tool related to Breaking News English. There are a couple for higher levels such as Top Documentaries and a comprehensive biography via online unversities based on 100 YouTube videos.  

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