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Learning Chocolate

Learning Chocolate is an audio visual mini dictionary with lots of topic based vocabulary that includes pictures, audio recordings of the words and exercises to do. There are hundreds of sets of flash cards and the level goes from very basic vocabulary right up to very high levels. Each word is represented by an image and the audio file is also included. You will find a range of activities too. The content is in several languages including English, Spanish and Chinese

Listen a minute teaching and learning with technology

Listen A Minute is an online site for teachers and students to use which offers lots of ready-made reading material and audio files to use in class. Content is all free and arranged alphabetically by topic.  It is primarily aimed at lower levels and is similar in style to Breaking News English.  For each topic there is a downloadable text file and an audio which can be played straight from the site or downloaded as well.  There are several interactive activities which need no adapting.  There are two types of quiz based upon the text which both offer different ways of reconstructing the original, either in chunks or as a whole. In addition, there are suggested tasks for homework. This is a great online technology for students too as they can listen to the audio, follow the text and then do the online quizzes. 

Listen and write teacher tools online

Listen And Write is a language dictation tool to help improve your listening skills by using news articles. These videos go through all the different parts of the website to show why it is such a useful tool. This is a popular learning with technology tool for autonomous students.  There is a range of different material and levels depending on your students' ability. Uses American English. The site is regularly updated with current news items. There are three modes.  Can listen to the whole news item or have it broken down into parts with optional auto repetition in order for learners to complete the dictation. Contains hints with suggestions for checking unfamiliar words. Works at both sentence level and as a word level activitiy which becomes a gap-fill exercise.

lyrics training learning with technology
Lyrics Training is a great teacher technology tool. Students can use it to learn the words of songs. There are songs in all languages such as French, English and German. Students can chose a level and begin to learn the words of the songs. This educational technology is interactive as students listen and complete the words of the songs. It provides a score, a help button and if students sign in, they will see a record of all their songs. This is an ideal online teacher tool for students and great for encouraging their autonomy. The tool is free and literally has 1000s of songs. One of the most popular technologies I have ever shown to students and ideal for making them more independent.

Good spelling sites teacher tools

These videos show 9 different websites for learning with technology. These are great for improving spelling ideally for mainly younger learners but a few for adults as well. Some use British and some use American pronunciation.  They offer a variety of different activities for improving spelling. Each has an element of listening, too. Sites include BBC Bitesize, which allows embedded in a blog, the phonics based Word Builder, which lots of contents. two kinds of spelling bee - one which shows a visual thesaurus. Others shown are BBC Spellits with lots of games. Spelling City, where you can unscramble sentences.  Some of these simple educational technology tools show how words are used in context. 

These videos go through 8 different websites which are great for improving English language pronunciation.  These learning with technology sites focus on simple practice of pronunciation such as dipthongs, vowels, consonants, minimal pairs, phonics and using a phonemic chart.   These are suited to autonomous learners working through exercises in their own time.  Those featured are: English Online, English File, Spoken Skills, BBC Learning English, Ship or Sheep, Simple English, Many Things and Word Builder.

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