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Popplet is a mind mapping tool that students can use collaboratively. Students can create their own mindmaps with images, videos, text etc. It is a great educational technology for organising ideas, getting students to brainstorm and share ideas. The mindmaps can be printed, embedded or shared as links. A great tech tool to use both out of the class and in-class. Students are able to make an account and create up to 10 popplets for free. The first part of these videos take you through the basics. If you are looking for more detailed information then watch the second part too.  If you like Popplet you might like other sharing and collabating tools. I also recommend Padlet- Key Online Tool for Teachers  


Today's Meet allows you to have live feeds in lectures, conferences and lessons and is so easy to use. It is one of the easiest technologies to start working with and I have used it extensively in my own teaching and teacher training. It takes just a few minutes to learn to use it. Ideal for higher level classes and adult students. It is useful teacher tool for the classroom. It can be used in the class to collect together student's opinions and ideas all in one place. These can then easily be shared and used for discussions, writing etc. A simple but effective teacher tech tool.


This is a great educational technology tool that allows students to create interactive maps where they can plot the places they have visited and then write about them and add pictures. So ideal for writing but also for getting your students to give presentations based on their presentations. This is a really easy tool to work with. Students can write about a recent school trip, a holiday, a fantasy trip or even track the route of a famous explorer or a rock concert tour. There are loads of ways this tool can be used. Students simply write in the places they have visited and Tripline automatically creates an interactive map. The students can then write about the different places and also add links and pictures. After students can present their maps to the rest of the class. A good fun tool but also a serious and nicely personalised set of writing and presenting opportunities.

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