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This is useful trick that you can do with your email that many people don't realise. Whenever I present this, people are very surprized. It means you can have multiple email addresses that all go to one inbox. Students can use the email address when signing up to different platforms and you can also use it as a teacher. Watch this quick video and you will see how useful this is

JING is a free screen capture tool that is one of the most popular free tools around. Russell was actually involved in the development of this tool. Watch this videos. They take you right through from the start and shows you all the basics. A really useful set of videos for any teacher.

If you are looking to quickly and cheaply record yourself giving a PowerPoint presentation that you can then share with your students, then this is the answer. This a  great tool, free, easy to use and super quick. Learn in less than 5 minutes how to deliver online videos of your PowerPoint presentations to your students.

A quick introduction to Padlet. A very popular collaboration tool that is basically like an interactive corkboard. This is a great teaching technology tool that can allow students to quickly share their ideas in one place. It can be used for brainstorming,projects, preparing ideas for an essay or even as a E-Portfolio. Teacher create a board and then students can access it via the the link. Boards can be password protected and intergrated with lots of other technologies. Teachers can set boards to read or to be edited. Quick and easy and useful for both in the classroom and for work outside of the class. 

Quizlet 2017 is a quick introduction into all the basics of using 2017. This is a useful technology tool for practicing vocabulary and revising words. There are thousands of pre-made flash cards, so you don't need to create anything. You just search for flash cards and then you can use those flash cards to play a variety of games and activities. Quizlet is free and to use the flash cards you don't even have to sign up. You can start to use them immediately. There are flash cards in many different languages. Most flash cards include the picture, the audio and in some cases a translation. There are 6 different activity types to choose from. 
Introduction to screen casting
This Screencasting-A quick introduction shows you one of the tools that I most use. Screencasting/Screencapture is everywhere and used widely in Flipped Classroom, Blended Learning and Online delivery. Most of the how to videos you see on YouTube have been created using a screen capture tool like SnagIt. Screen capture means you can record the screen of your own computer as if you had a camera pointing at it. You can talk over pictures, tables, images, graphs etc. Whatever you do on the screen of your computer and whatever you say, simply comes out in the recording. An absolutely superb technology that I probably use more than any other technology. All the videos on this website have been created using screen capture technology.

Ted.Ed quickly allows you to build quizzes and other learning content around  YouTube videos. A great way to create Flipped Learning content or Blended Learning material for your lessons. This quick video tutorial will take you through the basics. Students can access videos and then do a range of activities including discussions, quizzes and you can also add extra links and material for the students to access. Since Ted.Ed is free, it is also a great tool if you want students to make their own quizzes for other students to do. This is a free tool that is quick and easy to use. 
ThingsLink allows you to create interactive images that students can click on to access videos, texts, pictures, podcasts etc. So for example you could upload a map of Italy and then add clickable hotspots for different cities like Rome, Naples, Florence etc. This is a great tool that can be used both by teachers and students. It is free, easy to use and has loads of uses.
Tripline is a really fun tool that is great for writing and presentation activities. You can take a map, mark out a route and add information at different points on the route and then you can play it back like a video. Ideal for writing activities around holidays, trips, famous voyages and journeys. Great as a presentation tool too and very easy to use.

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