Podcasting: A five minute introduction | Teacher Tools Blog
Russell's five minute blog
This quick technology tutorial that shows you just how easy and how useful podcasting can be in teaching and learning. Audio Boom is free and you can make up to 10 minute recordings and use them to create audio files for your students to listen to or you can get the students to also make podcasts. Podcasting is so easy to use and its applications can include using them in class or at home. Podcasting is an ideal tool for the Flipped Classroom. Students and teachers just need a simple microphone and access to a computer or digital device. Students can work in groups and do interviews, presentations or mock radio shows. An educational technology tool that is lots of fun. If you want to learn more about Podcasting watch these more detailed videos.  Key Edcuational Technologies: Learn to Podcast

Don't forge to click on the video controls and watch the video full screen



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