Adobe Connect-Creating more engagement in webinars | Teaching on-line
Teaching on-line

Adobe Connect is often used in a very linear way. This set of videos will show you a great way of making your webinars more dynamic and engaging. I suggest how you can use layouts to create different dynamics during the presentation. This allows you to change the focus of the presentation and move from chat, to webcam, to video, to presentation etc.  I have been using Adobe Connect for 7 years now and I have noticed that many teachers do very linear presentations. Adobe Connect is a great techer tech tool that allows online presentations, lesssons, webinars etc. It provides lot of pods that can create some interesting interactions. If you want to learn more about Adobe Connect then I also recommend Teaching with Technology: How we can use break out rooms in Adobe Connect

Don't forget to watch the videos FULL SCREEN. Just rollover over the controls to see the button.








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