Top 20 Training Videos

These are currently the top 20 most popular videos on the site

  1. Jing-Superb Screen Cast Tool
  2. Jing is the most popular set of videos on the site. It is the product I most frequently present at conferences and workshops and it has proved amazingly popular across a whole range of subjects in the curriculum
  3. Using Jing- Ideas for using JING
  4. These videos take you through just some of the work I have done with JING. Especially how I have used it to provide feedback to students and also to get students doing speaking activities. It is this work that has proved to be so popular.
The Language Point
  1. myBrainShark-excellent podcasting tool
  2. One of the most impressive sites I have ever used. This simple set of videos shows you how to use myBrainShark as a podcasting tool. You can make podcasts of up to 15 minutes and then share them as e-mails or embed them. The tool is completely free.
  3. Present.Me-Upload documents and then add your webcam
  4. I am getting amazing feedback about this tool. You can upload Powerpoint, PDF and Word documents and then add your webcam to them and then share them on the internet. Great for distance teaching, great if you want to get your students recording speaking activities at home and great for reflection work and feedbck. The outputs can be shared over the internet, adding to your blog or even added to Moodle. Excellent tool that might soon be number one.
  5. Create learning content around YouTube videos
  6. If you make use of YouTube content then you might really like this tool. It allows you to build quizzes and other learning activities around YouTube videos. It is easy to use and easy to share your content.
  7. Bubblr & Bookr- Great Comic Stip tools that work with Flickr
  8. These two tools have proved consistently popular for any langugae teacher. You can access the millions of pictures on Flickr. Choose the pictures you want to use in your presentation and then add text to them. Save the resulting presentation and share it with your teacher or add it to your blog. The pictures are amzing and the resulting presentations look really professional.
CLIC readers from Express Publishing
  1. Livebinders-great tool for profiles, groupwork and e-Portfolios.
  2. This tool has quickly become one of the most popular on the site. It allows you to create a sort of electronic binder. You can have all sorts of sections in your binder simply by creating tabs. You can add any content into your Livebinder either from the internet or from your own computer. Great tool and real potential to be used for e-Portfolios.
  3. YouTube-Learn how to use it in education
  4. If you want to get up and running with YouTube then this set of videos should get you started. It shows you how to set up an account, create a channel and then upload videos. Great if you want your students to add up content or you want to add up content for your class. If you want to start using YouTube in education, then this should really help.
  5. Adobe Connect- Learn to use the Virtual Learning Classroom
  6. Virtual Classrooms are becoming more and more popular. Many institutions are beginning to use them for on-online teaching running webinars etc. Adobe Connect is one of the most popular and this takes you through all the basis
  7. Brainshark- Powerful word cloud tool
  8. Already proving very popular.This is the second set of videos on the tool which allows you to upload video, Powerpoint pictures and documents and then add voice narration and then share on the internet.
  9. Dvolver-Fun dialogue building tool
  10. Simple animation tool that allows you to create some fun dialogues and then share them with teachers and students. Great introduction tool to technology as it is so easy to use. Students can create a dialogue in a matter of minutes. This particular site is great for adults and teenagers.
  11. Glogster-Make electronic posters with links, videos, images etc
  12. This has become a very popular tool. Glogster allows you to make electronic posters. Great for group work. Students can add images, pictures, video, text etc. You can take the content from you computer or use content on the Internet.
Prime Time from Express Publishing
  1. Zimmer Twins- Cartoon/Animation Site.
  2. When I present this tool at conferences teachers are always surprised. It just fits so perfectly with teaching English. Adults seem to like using it too though it is really for younger learners. Students can create cartoons using a whole range of characters and pictures but it is so easy to use. Then they share the resulting cartoons with the teacher or a friend.
  3. Listen and Write-Dictation tool.
  4. Another site that has proved very popular with students. Allows them to listen to news items and try to write down what they hear. The computer checks everything, breaks the dictation into digestible chunks and repeats them until the student has completed the sentence.
  5. Blogger- Start your own blog or get your students blogging
  6. If you want to start a blog then this is a good tool to use. It is one of the most common blogger tools. Great for you as a teacher or great to teach to your students too. This includes the new interface.
Russell is a NILE associate trainer
  1. Listen a minute- News articles for lower levels
  2. This is similar to Breaking News English but it is for lower levels. There are news articles with sound files, interactive quizzes and exercises to do. Great site and loads of content for lower intermediate and above levels.
  3. Survey Monkey- A great way to create surveys and questionnaires.
  4. You can create questionnaires on this site and then people can access and complete them. It automatically sorts out your results and creates graphs and tables to organise your data. You can use it for free for up to 10 questions and 100 users. Great tool which I have used several times for research etc.
  5. Wordsift- Powerful word cloud tool
  6. A nice word cloud tool that does much more. A word cloud is a visual represention of the text you paste in. You can paste in text and then analyse key words and how they are used in the text as well as focus on the frequency of words, their meaning etc. Really useful in higher level classes.
  7. PB works-Great Wiki Tool
  8. If you want your students to make wikis then PB works is a free tool that offers you all the key features of a wiki. These training videos take you through everything.
  9. ScreenR-On-line screen capture tool
  10. ScreenR is a screen capture tool that works on the internet. It is free and easy to use and is a useful alternative to JING .
  11. ScreenR-On-line screen capture tool
  12. Free ideas board. It is great for brainstorming and getting students to work together on projects. It has loads of additional features which allow you to add up pictures, video, text etc. .

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