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Russell Stannard gives training sessions, workshops and talks all over the world. He works with/has worked with the British Council in India, Russia, Chile and China and also done work with the Eurepean Union, Macmillan, Cambrige University Press, Express Publishing Oxford University Press and literally hundreds of universities around the world. Below are just a few of the presentations that he gave in 2013. All presentations/training can be tailor-made to fit your institution and all courses/workshops and talks include back up material to support teachers/students after the sessions.

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A selection Russell's Key note/plenary talks in 2013

Here are some of Russell's recent keynote and plenary presentations

Example presentations, talks and workshops


Russell gives talks on a whole range of ICT tools. He is best known for his work on feedback which has created widespread media coverage. He has presented his work on using ICT to provide feedback to students all over the world.

Web 2.0

One of the most popular talks/workshops, Russell introduces some of the most interesting web 2.0 tools on the internet. This is a great session for teachers who are beginning to take an interest in using the internet and other technologies. It can be ran as a talk or hands on session. It offers lots of practical ideas and is right up to date with the latest and easiet tools being demonstrated.

Podcasting and Audio

Podcasting opens up many opportunities for speaking, sharing content, collaboration, feedback and assessment. Russell workd on the "Connected Classroom" has become very popular. He demonstrates how we can use a whole range of tools to get students speaking. This is especially interesting for language students but can also be used in other areas of the curriculumn.

How to use Camtasia

The videos Russell creates on this site use Camtasia. Russell can offer full training in using Camtasia starting with a 4 hours workshop which covers all the key elements of Camtasia right up to a detailed course which runs over 2 days and covers the whole of the Camtasia Studio suite. Russell also sells the Camtasia product on-line. Click below to find out more about the current special offer which includes the full educational discount and an additional 5% exclusive to

Russell being interviewed after ISTEK Conference Greece

The Power of Social Networking

Russell has developed a huge PLN ( Personal Learning Network) on the internet with nearly 10,000 followers on Twitter and a similar number signed up to his newsletter. In this talk/workshop Russell can show teachers how Twitter, Facebook and other social networks can be used for personal development.

Get working with Moodle

Russell can train teachers/staff in using Moodle. It can be an introductory course or more specific training

Working with Blogs and Wikis

Russell trains teachers/students to use Blogger or PB Works. This workshops normally require a minimum of 4 hours. The most common scenario is a full day training session that will take a group of teachers/students through almost all the features.

Get your students collaborating

Russell shows a range of tools to get students collaborating and working together.

Russell being interviewed after IATEFL Harrogate

Other talks

Any of the products that Russell demonstrates on this site can be included in a training session/workshop. Tools such as Brainshark, Vocaroo, Audioboo, Voicethread, LinoIt, Back-Channel tools and many more can all be covered. Sessions using Moodle, NING and Blackboard are very popular.

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