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Feedback from Participants on Russell's Courses

'Useful and interesting high-quality material, relevance to my job, demanding but possible to combine with my job.' Silvia September 2020

'Thank you all very much, the overall experience has been excellent and I've learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend this course to other language teachers'. Clare September 2020

'The tutor was available 24/7' Tom July 2020

'Rich contents; very well-organised; clear instructions and organization; excellent tutor support especially the invaluable videos offered; excellent useful tools to implement in class; etc. I would leave the course the way it is; no need for improvement'. Maria November 2020

'I would definitely recommend both the course, especially the teacher', Russell Stannard', Carmen July 2021

'Russell's knowledge of, competence in, and enthusiasm about the the subject he was teaching. - The clear structure of the platform and selection of material and tasks, as well as the inclusion of recordings of the live sessions. - The extensive use of screencasting which made comprehension of the material far easier to follow than written instructions, and promoted independant learning'. Claire November 2020

'Thank you very much Russell!  You are the greatest help I have ever had in my teaching career' Anna June 2020

I would like to express my appreciation for you excellent videos, which I find so helpful. Thanks to you I gained the courage to start experimenting with using technology, which is a real breakthrough in my teaching:)
Thank you so much for sharing your impressive knowledge with others'. Kinga May 2020

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'Great value for money. The webinar was a real eye-opener and the course content went through all the key stages' Muhammad June 2021

'This has really helped me to see how I can make money online. Russell was very open with all his information and knowledge'  Peter April 2021

'Don't start a YouTube channel without doing this course first. It will save you lots of time and heartache'  Patricia April 2021

'I really hope Russell decides to do a second part to this course'  Maria June 2021

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your videos and how useful I find them. I've been teaching English in France, mainly to adult students, for 30 years but 'distance' teaching with platforms and visios is a whole new ball game for me

Thanks to your videos (so practical, easy to follow and full of enthusiasm) as well as your online teaching course with NILE are helping me to start getting to grips with these teaching tools' Karen May 2020

Thank you so much for providing the valuable information and your support. .Your course is so useful. Michael June 2020

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