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The products I use to make, record and edit my videos

Many of you have been asking me about the products I use to record and create my videos. Here is a complete list of the products I use and at the best prices I could find. If you decide to buy any of the products from here, it will be great for me as I will receive a small commission in each case.

The video editor I use

I now use Camtasia 2021 for everything I do when it comes to videos on TeacherTrainingVideos.Com.  Camtasia normally costs £228.50. However if you are in education then I can offer you a fabulous discount. You can buy Camtasia 2021 with this link for only £155.43. You must be in education to get this offer but it means you get a discount of over £73.00. This is a one off payment, there is nothing else to pay. You have a fully functioning educational version of Camtasia that you can use on two machines!

Click here to download a free month long trial version of Camtasia and to get the discount

The Microphone I use

I use a Blue Yeti microphone for all my recordings, all my training courses and all my Skype and Zoom meetings. It produces high quality audio at a reasonable price and is one of the most common microphones for YouTubers to use. It is simple to use as it is a plug and play microphone and works from any USB port.

Blue Yeti


The Clip Microphone

I use a clip microphone when I record with my telephone. It produces better sound quality. You also need to buy a splitter. It simply splits your phone jack so you can use your headphone socket to record. 


The webcam I use

I spent a lot of time choosing my Webcam. I chose the LogiTech Brio and again it is a very popular choice. It is a simple plug and play device that works from a USB port. I have looked online and this product is very well priced.


The green screen and lighting I use to make my videos

I found a really good deal on Amazon for the lighting and green screen combined. To do green screen, you need to large lights to light you up and also to light up the green screen. You also need some additional simpler lighting to that you just focus onto the green screen to make sure that it is equally lit all over. So I purchased one green screen kit and 4 smaller lights.


Along with the main lighting I have 2 small lights that I use to light up the green screen that sit behind me.


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