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If you want get blogging with your students then you will find these two sets of videos really useful. Blogger is not difficult to use and the two sets of videos go right through all the key elements. You can create blogs for your students to use or you can get your students to create blogs too.

The second set of training videos looking into the new blogger interface. This set of videos looks into the settings and shows you how to add more pages and users to a blog.

If you have ever thought about doing wikis with your students but felt they were a bit complicated then watch these videos. These videos take you through everything step by step and go into all the important details.

These videos look at some of the more advanced features when using the blogging website WordPress. The videos you how to create forms, develop profiles, moving a blog to a different section and working in groups.

These are an introductory set of videos on creating and using a blog on WordPress. The videos show you how to get started by creating a blog and also detail the different features on WordPress.

These videos show how you can choose and customise themes in Wordpress. As well as customising the themes, there is also information on how menus and backgrounds can be altered to enhance your site.

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