Blogs & Wikis


This is a complete introduction to using Blogger. If you want to learn to blog or get your students to blog then this set of videos from Russell Stannard will get you up and running. Learn to add text, video, pictures, labels and all the basics of Blogger. Blogger is a free tool. This is a Blogger 101 course which will take you through all the basics.


How to design for Blogger 2016

This set of step by step help videos shows you how to improve the design of your blogs in Blogger. It works through the templates showing you how you can change backgrounds, fonts, templates, column sizes and much more. Ideal for both teachers and students using Blogger.


A full introduction to using PB Wiki

A complete set of training videos that take you through all the basics of using PB wiki. If you have thought of making your own PB wiki site or wanted to set up a wiki for your students then this is an ideal tool. This set of videos will get you up and running with PB wiki.


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