Teacher Training Videos now on YOUTUBE

You can now find many of the most popular teacher training videos on YOUTUBE.

TeacherTrainingVideos is now on youTube

Teacher Training Videos wins third award for online training courses

Read about the awards Russell Stannard has received for this website from the British Council,Times Higher and TEFLnet

Online training videos

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Some easy tools to get you started

MailVu online training-Simple Way of Sending Web Cam Messages
These online tutorials show you how to use mailVu. Great for digital storytellng. MailVu let's you create quick webcam messages and then send them with just 3 button clicks. I use this tool at lot to get my students speaking in English and sending messages
Mail Vu-Video Messaging Site
Today's Meet online training-Tool for group work and Sharing Ideas
Back Channel tool is so simple to use and offers great opportunities for collaboration You simple click a button to create a room. Then all the students can enter that room and everyone can write and collaborate together.A short online course created using Camtasia Studio that will get you using the tool in minutes. It takes seconds .
Today's Meet-Back channel tool
The Language Point
Online tutorial for using WallWisher
This online tutorial set shows you how to use Wallwisher. Wallwisher produces a large "board" where you can write up your ideas. It allows you to brainstorm and get ideas together. Students can add "Post Its" onto the site at the click of a button. Great for the class or homework. You can also embed videos,links, pictures and text. So simple.
Wall Wisher online course
Breaking News English
Super site offers news articles and related listening content for comtemporary news items. Includes loads of great exercises and interactive content. These Camtasia studio videos show you all the details that most teachers miss!If you are teaching ELT or EFL then this is a great website to know about. This online training course takes you through the whole site in just 10 minutes
Breaking News English
Online training course for Vocaroo
Really simple podcasting tool. You can make recordings at the click of a button and share the recordings at the click of a button too This must be one of the simplest tools on the internet to use.
Simple Podcasting Tool

Russell Writes in the English Teaching Professional

English Teaching Professional
All Russell’s Webwatcher Articles in One Place
For more than 10 years, Russell has been writing the Webwatcher articles in the English Teaching Professional. The articles are about using technology in language teaching.
Read them Here.
Online training course for using Eyejot
Eyejot is a great tool for getting your students talking.It is great for education as students can record themselves speaking and then send the recordings just like they send an email. This is a really easy tool to use and the Camtasia Studio videos will take you through everything you need to know to use Eyejot. Great for language teaching and for getting your students speaking.
A training course for using Eyejot
Dvolver-Quick fun animations
This site is really popular and students love it. Make simply cartoon animations and add dialogue. The website does all the word so you only have to worry about writing in the dialogues. This online training course takes just a few minutes to complete and is a lot of fun
Dvolver-Animation Tool

Russell Writes in the Teacher Training Journal

Teacher Trainer