Pioneering feedback idea generates widescale media interest

How the idea works

In June 2006 in the Modern English Teacher, I wrote about the use of screen capture sofware as a way of providing feedback to students. It generated enormous interest with articles in the Times Higher, Guardian and Independent national newspapers. Here is an example of the idea. I have opened a students written work onto my screen and then recorded myself giving the feedback using screen capture software. I have then sent the student the video. Sorry the videos are a bit slow.
Example of screencast feedback

Here is a second idea. I am providing feedback on the students written piece.
2nd Example of screencast feedback

The idea begins to take off

Since 2006 I have presented my work in no less than 26 COUNTRIES including Japan, China, the USA, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Chile, Iceland, Germany, Armenia, the UK and many more. This includes work with ministries in Chile, Azerbaijan, China and Greece. It has generated widespread media coverage. It was covered on the TV in France and my work was included in a report submitted to the UK government in 2009. Here are a few of the articles. For more academic work, see below.
First article in the Times Higher in 2006

In 2012 and six years after the first article-The idea is again the focus of press attention.
Article in Guardian in 2012 about feedback

The Independent UK national wrote about the feedback idea.
Article in national newspaper the Independent 2009 about Feedback

2007-Guardian Newspaper Article about Feedback and Screen capture.

JISC RSC publishes a report on the feedback idea as early as 2007
2007 JISC regional report

The HEA publishes two separate reports about video feedback
First Report in the HEA 2007

A second report about video feedback published on the HEA website
Second Report in the HEA 2008.

Russell presents the video feedback idea in Japan. These are the conference proceedings.
Conference in Japan 2008.

Russell publishes feedback article in Humanising Language Teaching and writes in more detail about the idea.
Journal Entry in Humanising Language Teaching.

Academic Interest and research papers

Here is a selection of my favourite articles on screen capture software and the idea of screen capture feedback.
Peter Matissen has done various studies around using screen capture for feedback in Norway. They cover various areas of the curriculumn
Research in Norway.

This is a great general article about the use of screen cast software. It covers the area of maths but is relevant to any area of the curriculumn.
Using screen cast software.

The Open University experimented with JING. I first presented the use of JING at IATEFL in 2010. In 2008 I shifted from using Camtasia to using JING for providing feedback. It is a very simple tool to use and one that I have presented all over the world.
Open University Research on JING

Watch an interview with Russell about video feedback and how it all started

There are a total of 7 videos that make up an interview with Russell Stannard about video feedback.

Some more examples of video feedback

An example of "General Class Feedback 1"
Classroom feedback

An example of giving "feedback" about the correct answer to a question.
Feedback on IWB Question

An example of how video can be used to go over an assessment piece.
Setting an assessment

What exactly can Screen Capture Software do?

People often ask me what exactly you can do with Camtasia ( that is the screen capture software I use to make the videos). I have made a quick and simple set of videos to give you some ideas. If you want to learn how to use it, then scroll down and you will see a section where you can get a copy of Camtasia and also access lots of learning videos about using it.
A demonstation of the basics of Camtasia

How can you make your own training videos?

Many people have asked me how I made all the learning videos that are on this site. I use a product called Camtasia. It is the same produce that I used for the feedback videos too, though sometimes I use JING. You can buy Camtasia at a discount through There are even learning videos on how to use Camtasia. Just click Learning Videos for Camtasia.

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