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Great games-Teacher Tech Tools
Two websites, Breaking News and Listen a Minute, for learning English, with engaging games that students really love playing at home or in class. Therefore it's their great tools for educators who want students to carry on the learning once they leave the class room. Both websites are free. Breaking News is more ideal for slightly more advanced students, and Listen a Minute is better for students a lower skill level. They both feature comprehensive lesson plans, with some fun learning games. If the students have access to computers in class this is a great way to use technology in education, as the students can have some friendly competition with the games, and could also work in groups to work on the tasks. Watch these videos and quickly learn about the websites and what they offer. 

Tech Tools for language learners-news
5 useful websites that provide news in English material for English Language Learners. Becase these news sites are from a variety of countries, using them all will expose your students to wide variety of different English speaking accents. One of the most helpful features of these sites is that they can read the content out loud, slowly and clearly, making this a great online tool for language teachers. This is a really useful set of training videos both for teachers and students. A quick review of where to find the sites and how to use them.

One of the most popular language learning technology sites on the internet with literally thousands of flash cards to revise learning in all sorts of languages. There is content here in literally 100s of languages and the tool is very easy to use. This is an ideal tool for educators to show to students. Students can revise vocabulary anywhere using their SMART phones, tablets or computers. Teachers can quickly create lists of words to study which can be converted into flash cards with both the images and the sounds. You can also create games from the lists that the students can do. The basic tool is free and is an ideal online educatonal tool for revision of both words, phrases and even grammar. In fact the technology could easily be used for other subject areas. I have also produced an advanced set of training videos that highlights some of the more advanced features in working with Quizlet- Online Learning Tools for Students & Teachers-Advanced Features in Quizlet


Quizlet is a very useful educational technology tool that helps students revise vocabulary. This technology tool can be used by both teachers and students. Teachers can set up classes and students can access hundreds of vocabulary revision cards which can include both sound and visuals. The great thing about Quizlet is that teachers can access the thousands of pre-built flash cards that already exist in many languages so there is no need to create new flash cards. There are flash cards in hundreds of languges covering vocabulary, grammar, phrases and expressions. In fact this technology could actually be used to revise a whole range of subjects though it is essentially used to revise vocabulary. These Advanced Features in Quizlet are the second set of videos. If you have not used Quizlet before then I suggest you start with this set of videos. Key Tools for Educators-A Full Introdcution to using Quizlet

Breaking news learning with technology
Breaking News English is one of the largest sites for learning English. The website takes contemporary news items, simplifies them and then builds a whole range of activities around the news item. There is learning material both for students and for teachers. For teachers there is an enormous amount of content that can be used in the class along with the MP3 audio file. So teachers can use the tool to offer listen material to their students and then use the many pre-prepared activities that are availble to use with students. For students there is a whole range of games and activities that mean students can work independently at home. This set of videos takes you through all key features in Breaking News English. Breaking News English offers content at a range of levels. If you are looking for lower level listen content, then you might be interested in this site. Great online tools for languge learners- Listenaminute Listening Content in English

lyrics training learning with technology
Lyrics Training is a very popular site that allows you to do language work through songs. But it is going to surprise you as it has so many amazing features in different languages and it is very interactive.

These videos go through 8 different websites which are great for improving pronunciation. The websites Word Builder, English Online and Spoken Skills are all featured with each website offering different tools to help improve pronunciation skills.

Good spelling sites teacher tools
These videos show 9 different websites which are great for improving spelling of mainly younger learners but a few for adults as well. Word Builder, Take On The Teacher and BBC Bitesize are just some of the website shown which all offer different activities and games to improve spelling.

Listen and write teacher tools online
Listen And Write is a language dictation tool to help improve your listening skills by using news articles. These videos go through all the different parts of the website to show why it is such a useful tool.

Listen a minute teaching and learning with technology
Listen A Minute is a site that offers reading material that you can listen to all for free. There are also interactive activities to go along with the articles aimed at a more basic level of learning.

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