Language Learning Content Sites

Really useful site for learning vocabulary. Create words lists and flash cards in seconds and play vocabulary games and activities. This is an excellent site if you are trying to learn vocabulary in 100s of languages. Ideal website to show your students. This can really help them to learn vocabulary.


Learn advanced features in Quizlet. A great tool for helping your students study vocabulary in many different languages

Breaking News English is one of the largest sites for learning English. The website takes contemporary news items, simplifies them and then builds a whole range of activities around the central news item.

Lyrics Training is a very popular site that allows you to do language work through songs. But it is going to surprise you as it has so many amazing features in different languages and it is very interactive.

These videos go through 8 different websites which are great for improving pronunciation. The websites Word Builder, English Online and Spoken Skills are all featured with each website offering different tools to help improve pronunciation skills.

These videos show 9 different websites which are great for improving spelling of mainly younger learners but a few for adults as well. Word Builder, Take On The Teacher and BBC Bitesize are just some of the website shown which all offer different activities and games to improve spelling.

Listen And Write is a language dictation tool to help improve your listening skills by using news articles. These videos go through all the different parts of the website to show why it is such a useful tool.

Listen A Minute is a site that offers reading material that you can listen to all for free. There are also interactive activities to go along with the articles aimed at a more basic level of learning.

These videos show 9 great websites for students looking to learn English when the topic is on famous people. These websites include BBC, YouTube 100 and Turtle Diary with the content on all the sites very easy to access and use.

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