Latest Videos

  • Google Forms

    If you need to create surveys and questionnaires then this is superb. Watch these videos, this is so useful for anyone who needs to create questionnaires, surveys or gather data. Google forms are all part of Google Docs and Google Drive so learning about the other Google products is really useful too
  • CLIL Reader App

    These videos look at an app that comes along with a CLIL Reader produced by Express Publishing. They look at the reader itself as well as video content, listening material and writing and speaking activities.
  • Action Script 3.0

    These videos go into using Flash CS3 in Action Script 3.0 - Basic Training. They detail some the meaning of the scripting language and some of the major differences between Action Script 3.0 and Action Script 2.0.
  • Blogger

    These videos show you how to get started in Blogger. They show users how to firstly create a blog before detailing how to then add pictures, labels and videos to the blog as well as publishing it..
  • Advanced Blogger

    These videos go into some of the more advanced elements of Blogger such as adding a blogroll and different ways of embedding.
  • How To Blog

    These videos detail how to keep a blog using the free website Open Diary. The videos show how to add an entry before showing some of the other ways to get the most out of your blog.
  • New Blogger Part 1

    If you want get blogging with your students then you will find these two sets of videos really useful. Blogger is not difficult to use and the two sets of videos go right through all the key elements. You can create blogs for your students to use or you can get your students to create blogs too.
  • New Blogger Part 2

    The second set of training videos looking into the new blogger interface. This set of videos looks into the settings and shows you how to add more pages and users to a blog.
  • PB Works

    If you have ever thought about doing wikis with your students but felt they were a bit complicated then watch these videos. These videos take you through everything step by step and go into all the important details.
  • Wordpress Themes

    These videos show how you can choose and customise themes in Wordpress. As well as customising the themes, there is also information on how menus and backgrounds can be altered to enhance your site.

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