Latest Videos

  • Blogger Design 2014

    These videos look at some of the more advanced features of Blogger. They outline how to create the background and template that you want for your blog and other features to help create your perfect blog
  • Introduction To Blogger 2014

    These videos give you an up to date outline of using the program Blogger. They start off with how to create your first blog all the way through to adding more pages and authors to your blogs
  • Setting Assignments In Edmodo

    This set of training videos looks at setting assignments using Edmodo. They outline the different views that both the teacher and the students see and how you can track their progress
  • Advanced Google Forms

    This set of training videos show you how to use the great tool Google Forms. They outline how you can add videos into Google Forms and how to create questions which the students can then answer
  • Introduction To SnagIT

    These videos give you a basic introduction into using the image and screen capture tool SnagIT. The videos go through different examples using SnagIT as wellas creating your first recording
  • Advanced SnagIT

    This is the second set of videos focusing on the superb tool SnagIT. This set shows you how to create a video using SnagIT and then distribute it on YouTube, Google Drive or via Screen Cast
  • TodaysMeet

    Today's Meet allows you to have live feeds in lectures, conferences and lessons and is so easy to use. These videos detail the different settings on Today's Meet and outline features such as restricting access to rooms and QR codes.
  • How To Use Padlet

    Padlet is an electronic corkboard which is great for group work and collaboration. Students are able to add their comments, links, pictures or videos and this set of training videos outlines Padlet and in oarticular the controls that you the teracher has.
  • Edmodo Quizzes

    These videos take you through creating quizzes in Edmodo with many different types of question included. The different teacher and student views are detailed as well as how the questions can be automatically linked to the grade book.
  • Google Docs

    This video takes you through Googel Docs and Google Drive and shows you how you can use them with your students too. It also shows you some of the tricky things to remember and also how Google Docs and Google Drive link together.

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