Latest Videos

  • Edmodo Quizzes

    These videos take you through creating quizzes in Edmodo with many different types of question included. The different teacher and student views are detailed as well as how the questions can be automatically linked to the grade book.
  • Google Docs

    This video takes you through Googel Docs and Google Drive and shows you how you can use them with your students too. It also shows you some of the tricky things to remember and also how Google Docs and Google Drive link together.
  • Jing

    These videos cover all the updates and new features of JING. This tool is relevant to all teachers and the videos show where to find Jing as well as the basics of using the program.
  • Binder

    These videos show you to simply create electronic binders which students can work on collaboratively or individually. It is great for group work, projects, e-Portfolios and even for teachers who want to have their own website.
  • Dropbox

    Dropbox is a way of saving your files in the cloud which you can then access them from anywhere. It is pretty easy to use and these videos take you through all the basics of using the tool.
  • Edmodo

    Edmodo is free and offers you a simple virtual learning environment where your students can share ideas and collaborate together. You can create quizzes, polls, add up important dates to the calendar, run discussions and share links, videos, articles etc.
  • Present.Me

    This tool allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentation and then record yourself doing the presentation and even include your webcam. Then anyone can access it on the internet and watch and listen to you presenting.
  • Google Forms

    If you need to create surveys and questionnaires then this is superb. Watch these videos, this is so useful for anyone who needs to create questionnaires, surveys or gather data. Google forms are all part of Google Docs and Google Drive so learning about the other Google products is really useful too
  • CLIL Reader App

    These videos look at an app that comes along with a CLIL Reader produced by Express Publishing. They look at the reader itself as well as video content, listening material and writing and speaking activities.
  • New Blogger Part 1

    If you want get blogging with your students then you will find these two sets of videos really useful. Blogger is not difficult to use and the two sets of videos go right through all the key elements. You can create blogs for your students to use or you can get your students to create blogs too.

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