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A full introduction to using Padlet

Padlet is an electronic corkboard which is ideal for brainstorming, group work activities, sharing ideas etc. You are able to create a board and then share it with participants who can then add up their ideas, links to content, videos, documents etc. I use it and see it used a lot. For example it is great for brainstorming ideas before an essay, collecting opinions, setting up group based projects etc. The technology has good security and some useful settings that make it safe and easy the electronic boards. Electronic boards can even be embedded into blogs, wikis etc.

A complete introduction to using LiveBinders

Livebinder can easily be used for E-Portfolios either individually or in groups or pairs. It is also good is students/teachers want to create profiles. It is a very flexible tool that allows a user to add up a range of digital content into different sections. This makes this is a great tech tool for techers, deal for keeping records of content that has been produced digitally. It is also very useful for project work as students can work together and build a Livebinder with digital content that can include pictures, videos, documents etc. These can all be organised in tabs for easy access.

A full introduction to using LINOIT

LinoIt is similar to Padlet. It is an electronic corkboard that allows you to brainstorm, share ideas and collaborate all in one place. It is ideal if you want to put students into groups and then to share ideas around group work. They can add up notes, links, videos, documents etc and they are all accessible in one place. It  has a nice 'viewer' feature which helps you to move around the electronic board. It is great for collecting opinions, setting up discussions, sharing content for a project etc. This is a really useful tool for educators and one that can be used in a whole range of different ways.



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