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Russell Stannard is one of the Techsmith Recommended Trainers. In this first video we look at recording in Camtasia



Russell Stannard is one of the Techsmith Recommended Trainers. In this second video Russell shows you some of the great editing features in Camtasia. You can add a whole range of elements to a Camtasia video like callouts, hotspots, blurs, highlight areas and much more. Camtasia is a great eductional technology that we can use to build excellent learning content for online courses, blended courses, MOOCs and flipped classes. It is one of the most commonly used teacher tech tools on the internet. This is the second part of the 3 part course. Part one deals with recording in Camtasia and part 3 deals with distributing your videos. 

Key educational technologies: Learn to record in Camtasia
Key educational technologies: Lear to distribute your Camtasia videos


Russell Stannard is one of the Techsmith Recommended Trainers. In this third video we look at distributing in Camtasia



Techsmith Recommended Trainers  takes you through the process of making quizzes. We can create quizzes in Camtasia that can check understanding and make the learning process much more interactive. You can add quizzes at any point, you can use a variety of questions and you can make the user do different things depending on what answer the users chose. For example you can go off to a certain URL or move to a different part of the video depending on the answer. You can even get the user to re-watch the video. There are loads of options. Camtasia is a great educational technology tool that can help you to create a very engaging learning material for blended, flipped or even fully online courses.


Teacher Training Videos is able to offer you great prices on Techsmith Camtasia. We are one of the recommended trainers from the Techsmith Camtasia organisation and we have been selling Camtasia since 2008. We sell single user licenses of Camtasia at a very competitive price and you can even buy Camtasia online directly from teacher training Camtasia is one of the most useful educational technologies that will allow you to build flipped learning, blended learning and online content. It is commonly used to produce MOOCS and many of the how to videos that you see on the internet. Click to find out more about downloading a trial version and if you choose you can also buy it at a very competitive price.



A great offer to buy Techsmith Camtasia at a discount. Buy an activation code and turn your trial version of Camtasia into a fully working educational version. Offer open to anyone working in education or studying. Camtasia features a high quality screen and sound recorder, and an editing suit that lets you produce professional quality vidoes. 

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