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Learn to blog with Google Blogger
One of the most useful tools for blogging is Google Blogger. It is free if you have a Google account and is easy to use and one of the most common blogging tools on the market. These 2 sets of training videos will take you through everything you need to know to get up and running.
Full introduction to using Blogger
Blogger in more detail
Livebinder-Free e-Portfolio tool
Livebinder can be used for many different things but one thing it can be used for is e-Portfolios. It is the ideal e-Porfolio tool and so easy to use. It works just like a binder and uses a system of tabs to organise the content. It can be used collaboratively too. You can learn how to use this tool in minutes.
Livebinder-an ideal tool for e-Portfolios
Prime Time from Express Publishing
Edmodo- A free virtual learning environment
Edmodo is growing rapidly and is especially popular in the USA. It is a free virtual learning environment that has an interface similar to Facebook and is very easy for students to pick up. You can share links, create quizzes, run discussions, create polls, share folders and even set up assessments. It is an impressive tool and completely free. Great for any teacher wanting to have an easy way of sharing content with their different classes
Get started with Edmodo
Edmodo in more detail
Quizzes and automatic feedback
Adobe Connect 8-Virtual Learning Classroom
Adobe Connect is one of the most popular tools for Webinars and on-line training. It uses the Adobe Flash player and so requires very little set up. It is ideal for anyone thinking of doing distance learning and on-line training
Complete to Adobe Connect version 8

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