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creating quizzes with google forms

You can now make quizzes in Google Forms that are also self correcting. The quizzes are a bit limited but they are easy to do and they can include videos and pictures too. This is a useful teacher tool for creating formative assessments. It can also track all the students answers and create a data base of all the answers. These videos are a full introduction to using the quizzes facility and I also show you some very useful tips and tricks.Don't forget as well as being a useful technology for teachers, this is also a really useful tool that your students can use. Get them to make formative quizzes too.

creating quizzes with google forms
Socrative-online teacher tool 
Socrative is a great way of getting students to engage in the classroom. Make quizzes and polls really quickly and get students to answer the questions via their mobile, computer or tablet. Idea classroom too that can be used both during the class or as part of homework. One of the most useful teacher tools online I have worked with in the class as it helps students to stay focused and keep them engaged.  If you like teaching and learning with technology then I suggest you learn this tool. Very easy to use and even easier for your students. 

PimPamPum-Tech tools for teachers
A useful tool if you want to get your students writing dialogues. Students can choose from millions of pictures supplied by FlickR, add them into a presentation and then write about them through using bubbles similar to what you see in comics. There is an incredible number of high quality pictures ot choose from. Really nice site, easy to use , free and it allows students to get quite creative. You can also get students to stand up and present their work too. This really is a useful language learning website and one I have often used.

Tech tools for teachers

  MakeBeliefsComix is an online comics making site that is quick and easy to use and ideal for young learners. It has an obvious use in language teaching but could be used in a range of contexts. Students can choose from a range of characters, props etc and then build their stories. It is very easy to use and the resulting comics can easily be distributed. It is a nice technology to work with if you are just starting to work with technology and want to introduce some ideas into your class or for students to do at home. A simple tool for educators that takes very little time to learn to use.

Dvolver-teacher tools online
Dvolver allows you and your students to make fun movie animations without knowing anything about the technology. It practices dialogues and language work. It is easy to use, a great technology tool if you want to start to introduce some technology into your teaching and learning. The students choose the charaters, set the screne and then write the dialogue. It is then all automatically turned into a small movie. Great fun with teengage learners but not ideal for younger learners.You can learn to use this technology in just a few minutes. Ideal for writing dialogues and practicing languages.

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