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You Tube in Education
You Tube Teacher Tools

YouTube allows you to create 'Playlists' These are great in education. For example you can quickly collect together all the videos on one topic and then share them with your students. So great if you want to direct them to content. I also use playlists myself. I have playlists of my favourite history videos, technology videos etc. A really quick set of videos that will show you why YouTube is an excellent tool for educators and why playlists are so useful.

You Tube Teacher Tools

YouTube allows you to subscribe to channels. That way you can find content you like, subscribe to the channel and always know when a new video has been uploaded. Quickly learn how to subscribe to channels and quickly see the benefits of subscribing. This is a really short set of videos that will really useful to anyone that does not know about the benefits of subscribing to channels on YouTube.

Ed.Ted Online tools for teachers
TED-Ed is a free website that allows you to create an online lesson structured around an online video. You can find a video, then add questions, discussion prompts, and additional resources. This lesson can then be sent to your students, perfect for when they're out of the classroom. This is a really useful online tool for teachers that's particularly good for setting homework, as these lessons can be accessed anywhere, and will track your student’s interactions with the lesson. This is ideal for the flipped classroom, and teaching with technology.

Video Notes logo for learning with technology
Videonotes allows you to paste in any YouTube video and then you can take notes as you watch the video. The notes then become clickable, so you can click on the notes and it immediately takes you to that part of the video. This is a superb tool to show your students who are learning with technology. If you not only want to send your students a useful video, but also want to highlight particular sections, and comment on them, this tool is perfect. 

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