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In this video tutorial Russell is going to show you how to add images into your Google Forms.You can add images as objects, you can include images at the top of questions and you can even add images into multiple choice and other question types. Many teachers don't know this third way of adding images. This is just a quick 5 minute video that might help take your use of Google Forms to another level. 

Answer Garden is a great educational technology that takes just second to set up and use. It allows you to create collaborative questions that students can all answer online and the answers are immediately created into a word cloud representing the most common answers. A superb tool for using for brainstorming, sharing ideas, vocabulary learning in language teaching etc. The video is very short and you will be using this excellent teacher technology in just a few minutes. 
Wix: Key teacher technology tool

This is a superb tool for creating a website. Whether you are a teacher, school or student you will find this tool incredibly useful. You can create a website using Wix in a couple of minutes. Watch this quick video and you will see how. This is ideal if you want to create your own teacher profile, get your students to create a website or even if you want to create a class website. Great for encouraging writing, e-Porfolios, projects and group work. Wix is a really easy tool to use that makes really professional looking websites in minutes. It is completely free

Quickly find out if Edmodo is right for you. This video goes through all the key features in Edmodo and shows you why Edmodo is so useful for blending, flipped and online learning. A short 5 minute video that takes you through this useful teacher technology and highlights all the key features like quizzes, small groups, polls, security, moderation, locking rooms etc.

Google Blogger is an outstanding educational technology that I have made widespread use of and in my opinion is very misunderstood by teachers. You can use Google Blogger to make your own website, for e-Portfolios, for creating a class blog for all the students, for creating student relfective blogs etc. It is a really versatile teaching and learning tool that can easily be used by both teachers and students. I have used it extensively in my work at the University of Warwick and the University of Westminster in a number of different ways. Watch this quick video and see just how easy it is to set up a blog. Ideal as both an online teaching tool or in a blended learning context.
Key teacher tech tool
Google Docs-Tips for using in the classroom is exactly that. It is a quick practical video that shows you some really useful tips so that you can use Google Docs with your students. It shows you how to set up a table, how to shorten the URL, how to get the students to access the document etc. Short but very practical video for any teacher thinking of using Google Docs in the classroom.
Key teacher tech tool
Google Docs is ideal for using in teaching and learning. This is a quick video that shows you how to set up a Google Doc and share it with your students in seconds. Google Docs are free for anyone with a Google Account and your students do not need Google Docs to work with this tool. This is a great tool for collaborative work both in and outside the classroom.

In this video tutorial Russell shows you a very under utilized quiz question type that is perfect for checking understanding of videos. In this example he takes a Flipped Classroom/Blended Learning example by show you how you how students can watch a video and then do a quiz to check their understanding. The quiz is AUTOMATICALLY marked by Google Forms so this is a real time-saver.

A super quick introduction into using the excellent Google Forms. You can quickly create surveys, questionnaires and even comprehension questions. You can then share the link or embed your questions. The data is automatically created into graphs and forms when the participants answer the quesitons. A really useful tool for any teacher or student. Students for example can create a Google Form to surey other students about a topic. They can then present their work using the automatic graphs that are produced by Google Forms. This is so easy to use and has so many uses. Ideal for creating simple formative assessment too. 

Google Slides
Google Slides are very similar to PowerPoint. The difference of course is that you make the slides online and save them on your Google Drive. This is an ideal tool for collaboration and sharing. I have used this tool extensively both in class and at home. Great way of getting groups of students working on one set of slides and combines nicely with getting the students to present the slides afterwards too. A quick introduction to Google Slides.

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