Top 10 Videos
Over the last year these are the most popular training videos

1-Present Me
Present.Me allows you to upload Powerpoint presentations and then add your voice and webcam to them. Great for teachers who want to share content or flip their classes but also great if you wan to get students recording themselves presenting.

My work on Edmodo has become very popular. These videos will get you up and running in Edmodo.

JING is by far the most popular technology I have ever presented and overall the most popular video on this site. However in the last year it has only been number 3.

A great tool that allows teachers or students to make podcasts, upload pictures and add their voice or even upload documents like PowerPoint, PDF files etc and then add their voice to them. They can then be shared easily. Great for flipping your class.

A great site for creating questions for discussions that students can then add to. The discussions can then be shared in a blog, website or in Moodle etc

6. LinoIT
A really simple electronic corkboard that students can use to work in groups. Great for brainstorming, Students can collaborate and work together and add up links, files, videos, pictures etc around a topic.

7. Fotobabble
Students can quickly add up pictures and then add their voice to them. Great for speaking activities for language teachers.

8. Todaysmeet
Simple discussion and collaboration tool. This is always very popular when I present it at conferences.

9. Blogger
Blogger is another really simple blogging tool and a great way to get your students blogging or start your own class blog.

10. Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect is the tool I use for doing my on line presentations. Many teachers want to learn to use it. These videos show you how it workds

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