These are currently the most popular 12 teaching tools and classroom tools on the website. I would totally recommend learning the first 5. It would have a huge impact on your teaching and learning.


This is an amazing screen capture tool and I wish I had known about it a long time ago. It can do everything JING can do and much more. It is currently the videos being most wached on the site.

2-Create surveys, questionnaires, quizzes with Google Forms

This really quick video is very popular. Teachers are amazed with what Google Forms can do

3-Edmodo- Perfect to compliment your on-line teaching or for Blended Learning

This really short video shows you why Edmodo is so useful for collaboration and sharing



This is a great tool if you are looking to help your students revise vocabulary. I show you the quickest way to get up and started.

5-Socrative Quiz Maker

A great teacher tool for creating quizzes and polls that you can use in the class. Use them to make your lessons more engaging and fun. Students can answer your questions on their mobile phones, tablets or computers and there is no need for them to sign in. They just add in the quiz code and start immediately. A great tool if you like teaching and learning with technology. It tracks all the students answers too, so you can easily check understanding.


6-Teaching on line with SKYPE

How to use SKYPE to teach on-line. 

7-How to do effective searchers for images on Google

A complete introduction to using Audacity.

8-How to use Prezi

A popular set of introductory videos that show you how to use Prezi. Look in the Prezi and Powerpoint section for the advanced set of videos

9-Create your own personal website or one for your class or school

You can make incredibly professional websites with this free technology. This is a very surprizing tool and has very quickly become very popular on the site.


Simple discussion and collaboration tool. This is always very popular when I present it at conferences.

11-Why blogging is so relevant to teachers and students

Watch this quick introduction to Blogger and see why blogging is so relevant to teachers and students.

12-Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is the tool I use for doing my on line presentations. Many teachers want to learn to use it. These videos show you how it workds


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