Mobile Phones

Quizlet 2017 is a quick introduction to only the basics of using Quizlet. Quizlet can be used on all devices including mobiles, tablets and computers. It is a vocabulary learning tool with a massive collection of flash cards in thousands of languages. It is very popular and has been widely covered on TV.

Socrative-online teacher tool 
Socrative is a great way of getting students to engage in the classroom. Make quizzes and polls really quickly and get students to answer the questions via their mobile, computer or tablet. Idea classroom too that can be used both during the class or as part of homework. One of the most useful teacher tools online I have worked with in the class as it helps students to stay focused and keep them engaged.  If you like teaching and learning with technology then I suggest you learn this tool. Very easy to use and even easier for your students. 

Socrative-online teacher tool 
Socrative Advanced Features will take you through the following 1) How to use Space Race, 2) How to use the Exit Card 3) How to use the data generated from the quizzes and how to share your Socratives. A really quick and clear set of videos which will take you through all the additional features that can be used in Socrative 

Socrative-online teacher tool 
Socrative has a Space Race option and many teachers seemed to be confused by it. This video clearly shows you how the Space Race option works. It goes through making a quizz, setting up a space race and then running it. It then show how it looks for both the teacher and student, so that you clearly understand how the Space Race works in Socrative. A really great teacher technology that is easy to use and free.

Kahoot is a quiz/gaming type tool that allows you to quickly set up quizzes and then run them in the class. Students don't need to sign in, they just access add in the quiz number and then they can do the quiz. This quick video shows you how use this tool.
This is a quick video that shows you the new Jumble Mode in Kahoot. If you have wondered how the Jumble Mode works then this is a really quick video that shows you what happens when you use Jumble Mode and the types of questions you might like to ask
The Survey Mode in Kahoot is quite different from the Quiz Mode. It collects data from your participants rather than collect answers and check them. It can be great way of getting to know your participants, gathering opinions from them or for getting feedback. In this very short video Russell demonstrates how you can use Kahoot Survey Mode by showing you an example.

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